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Whether you are contemplating a separation or divorce, or protecting your assets before entering into a marriage, it is imperative that you have help from an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial attorney such as Robert S. Gershon, Esq.

All matrimonial issues are fraught with emotion. Whether you are trying to negotiate a prenuptial agreement, a separation agreement, a divorce or assistance with post judgment relief, the situation will be stressful. You do not want to make decisions about your future in a state of confusion, or out of desperation while being overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and stress.

You need to work with a compassionate and patient attorney who understands your situation and can help you through these difficult times.

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Selecting a Matrimonial Attorney in Brooklyn

Your attorney needs to help you through these challenging times, get down to facts, and press for the outcome that is in your best interest. There is a great deal at stake, including financial security, child custody issues, and division of assets. Our Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer, Robert S. Gershon, can guide you toward a conclusion where your legal rights are secure and protected, including matrimonial and family law issues.

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Robert S. Gershon Handles Divorces in Brooklyn

Divorce is just one aspect of matrimonial law in New York, but it is a large part of any matrimonial lawyer’s practice. A divorce can be amicable, but is more likely contentious with both sides arguing about many issues. This can be a difficult time for either spouse, especially when there are children involved.

During divorce mediation or litigation, it is important that you have an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney negotiating and fighting on your behalf. Robert S. Gershon, Esq. understands New York laws, has successfully handled cases for thousands of clients, and can skillfully navigate the divorce process to secure a result that satisfies your needs.

The right divorce lawyer will be able to assist you with all issues related to the dissolution of your marriage such as:

  • Filing for divorce in the right jurisdiction
  • Satisfaction of residency requirements
  • Division of assets including personal and real property, bank accounts, retirement account
  • Protection your assets
  • Distribution of Debts
  • Contested divorces
  • Uncontested divorces
  • Negotiating legal separation agreements
  • Divorce mediation

For Some, a Separation Agreement May Be the Right Option

In some cases, the parties to the marriage are not ready for divorce. They may be looking to resolve issues, or they may try separating before pursuing divorce.

In a separation, the parties can choose to negotiate a legal separation agreement. When spouses are unsure whether they want a permanent divorce, they may elect to separate for a period of time and live apart from one another. This separation agreement covers the financial and legal terms of the separation. The agreement addresses issues similar to those in a divorce – who pays the mortgage, where the children stay, how much money goes into each person’s bank account, and who gets the car.
Ultimately, the couple may decide to reconcile or go their separate ways through divorce. If they choose that route, after a certain period, a Brooklyn judge can issue an order of divorce which incorporates the terms of the separation agreement.

Since a separation agreement can become part of a divorce decree, it is imperative to have a strong experienced negotiator making sure your rights and needs are protected. Mr. Gershon, our Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer at The Offices of Robert S. Gershon has the experience and skill necessary to ensure you reach a fair, equitable, and successful resolution of any issues that may arise during your trial separation.

Our Brooklyn Matrimonial Lawyer Also Handles Annulments

To receive an annulment, a marriage in New York must be void or voidable. An annulment is the functional equivalent of a divorce; the parties are no longer married. However, an annulment has the legal effect of nullifying the marriage, as if it never existed.

A void marriage can always be annulled. A void marriage is one that was never a legal marriage from the start. For example, a marriage would be void if:

  • One or both spouses are already married
  • The spouses are so closely related, their marriage would be illegal

To receive an annulment in the case of a voidable marriage, you must present evidence of grounds for annulment. New York recognizes five grounds for annulment:

  • Fraud or duress
  • Being under legal age
  • Incurable mental illness
  • Inability to perform intercourse
  • Improper consent because of a mental incapacity

Because an annulment in New York Requires a trial before a judge, it is wise to have an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer such as Rob Gershon representing you in court. To maximize your chances of successfully receiving an annulment of your marriage, speak with Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law.

Brooklyn NY Annulment Lawyer Robert Gershon Brooklyn Matrimonial Attorney

Ensure Your Prenuptial Agreement Protects You and Your Children

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that a couple enters into before marriage. It specifies what the couple will do with their assets, spousal support, child support payments and more in the event the decide to divorce.

In reality, there is a very high rate of divorce, and a prenuptial agreement can prevent a tremendous amount of conflict should it happen to you. This is especially true when one or both people in the marriage come with children, grandchildren or other financial responsibilities they need to protect.

At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law, our Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer understands that asking for or being asked to agree to a “prenup” can raise all sorts of emotions. However, it should be viewed as something that can protect the interests of both parties. It also makes sure the parties to the marriage have some challenging discussions before the wedding, not after. Those topics left undiscussed are often sources of challenges during the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are only as good if they are enforceable. In New York, there are situations where legal arguments could be made to invalidate a prenuptial agreement. You must have an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer who can ensure your prenuptial agreement is drafted properly, to help it stand up to challenge in court. Whether you are protecting your own assets or looking to make sure you are protected should the marriage end, consult with Brooklyn matrimonial attorney Robert S. Gershon.

Post Judgment Relief - Brooklyn Matrimonial Lawyer Robert Gershon

Obtain Post Judgment Relief in Brooklyn With Our Lawyer’s Help

After a divorce, you may have a change in circumstances that require you to apply to the court in Brooklyn (or other parts of the state) and ask for a modification of terms. When this occurs, there are very specific procedures New York Law requires. You must follow the rules, bringing your claim in the right venue, in order to have a chance at success.

Reasons to apply for post judgment relief may include:

  • Your income has changed and you can no longer afford support payments
  • Your standard of living has not been met and you want more support payments from your ex-spouse
  • Your spouse is denying you access to your property
  • Your spouse has not tried to look for a job despite being perfectly qualified to work and you don’t want to pay maintenance any longer

When these issues arise, don’t try to handle them alone. They are too important and can have a great effect on your future financial security. You need a seasoned matrimonial lawyer in Brooklyn who knows how to secure post-judgment relief.

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If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, divorce or separation (or any other marital issue), get help from a matrimonial lawyer who cares and has a proven track record of success. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of the financial security that may be at stake.

Matrimonial laws in New York are very complex. You must have confidence that the Brooklyn matrimonial attorney working on your behalf has a deep understanding of all rules and regulations relevant to your matter. You want someone who can get creative when necessary, negotiate with vigor, and ensure that your financial, emotional, and physical needs are met.

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