What it means if you are issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (D.A.T.) in New York City

What it means if you are issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (D.A.T.) in New York City A Desk Appearance Ticket (commonly referred to as a D.A.T.) is a notice of court date that is given to someone [...]

Defending Assault Charges in New York

Self defense is a common legal defense in an assault case. People who have been charged with assault in New York State for simply defending themselves during an altercation can assert [...]

Coerced Confessions Can Be Beat

It is not uncommon for law enforcement in the State of New York to use controversial tactics to coerce confessions out of suspects. Often the police will lead a suspect to believe that they are [...]

What it Means to be Charged with Vandalism (Criminal Mischief) in New York State

Anyone charged with “criminal mischief,” in relation to an act of vandalism, should know their rights under New York Law. In New York State, anyone accused of the act of vandalism [...]

The Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in New York State

When it comes to refusing a breathalyzer test in New York, many drivers are not aware of the rules. In New York, if you have a valid driver’s license issued by the state, you are [...]

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Understanding How New York State Law Addresses Statutory Rape

If you have been charged with statutory rape in New York State, you may be worried about whether you can get a fair trial. There is a stigma attached to statutory rape cases and many defendants [...]

Understanding New York State Shoplifting Charges

Knowing what to expect when you have been charged with shoplifting in New York State can make all the difference in the outcome of your criminal defense case. Getting arrested for shoplifting can [...]

New York State Considering Changes to Three DWI Laws

The state legislature is currently considering three bills that would result in an increase in drunken driving arrests and drunken driving charges in New York State. Since the start of the New [...]

Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges

Robert S. Gershon is concerned about allegations of domestic violence and he takes the rights of his clients very seriously. While there are certainly many victims of domestic violence, there are [...]

Prenuptial Agreements Can Help Couples Avoid Alimony Disputes In The Event Of A Divorce

Robert S. Gershon knows that a prenuptial agreement is a powerful tool that can avoid major headaches during a divorce. Many couples don’t consider signing a prenup when they get married [...]

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