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Brooklyn Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon Focuses on Results

At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law, you will find a compassionate, strong Brooklyn family lawyer who advocates to help you through your divorce or child custody. Whether amicable or highly contested, you need an experienced family law attorney to get you through the legal issues that your family law case involves.

Our firm focuses on ensuring your legal rights are protected and that you get the results that you deserve. Our clients come first. We are aware of and appreciate the pressure you are under, with the future of you and your children at stake. Mr. Gershon works tirelessly on your behalf, to make sure your legal rights and financial future are as secure as possible.

Brooklyn Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon

Compassionate and Understanding Brooklyn Family Lawyer

Family law is an emotional and sensitive subject. Very often emotions have been running high for quite some time. The marriage may be ending, and concerns over support and custody need to be addressed.

When you decide to divorce or separate, you might be wondering: Will I receive maintenance/spousal support payments? Will my spouse pay child support? Can I stay in my house? How does New York decide who gets custody of my children? What if my spouse becomes violent?

These are all valid questions that individuals have when they come to us. You are by no means alone in what you are experiencing.

At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law, Mr. Gershon, Brooklyn family law attorney, provides a voice of reason in the face of turmoil. He can wade through the emotions and get to the facts that will support the outcome you seek.

Whether through negotiation or litigation, our family law attorney can represent your interests as you move forward through this process. Divorce is not easy, but it can be made easier with the help and support of an experienced Brooklyn family law attorney.

Our Brooklyn Law Firm Handles All Types of Family Law Matters

Child Custody Case in Brooklyn NY Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon

Child Custody Cases in Brooklyn

A divorce is often hardest on the children. Through vigorous negotiation, parties to a divorce can sometimes agree to a child custody arrangement that is best for their child.

When the court needs to decide on child custody, it is vital that you receive representation from experienced Brooklyn family law lawyers. You need to make sure your attorneys understand the laws, can uncover evidence, and present a clear and compelling argument to the court. Rob Gershon has the experience to represent your interest in your child custody case.

Is your spouse a threat to the safety of your child? If so, you may need to argue for sole physical custody.

Is your former spouse unfit to make decisions? You may want to secure sole legal custody as well.

Having a Brooklyn family law lawyer like Robert Gershon on your side can help you focus on your children while he takes care of your legal case.

Visitation Issues in Brooklyn

Visitation and custody issues go hand in hand. When one parent secures sole custody of a child, the other parent usually has the right to visitation. The factors involved in visitation arrangements are similar to those in custody decisions.

Brooklyn courts have a wide range of discretion when deciding what is best. Judges must balance the best interest of the child, the child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents, and any conditions that might exist to make it unsafe or unwise to allow visitation.

In New York, judges have flexibility to award visitation. Visitation will be either unsupervised or supervised depending on a given situation. If there is reason, a judge may require that a third-party professional supervise the visits.

Child visitation becomes a hot-button issue when one parent has a history of questionable behavior. The following can make child visitation decisions particularly important:

  • A parent has a drug addiction
  • A parent has a history of untreated mental illness
  • A parent has a history of violence or domestic abuse
  • A parent has a criminal history
  • A parent has made threats to take a child
  • A parent manufactures “evidence” to withhold visitation
  • A parent refuses to adhere to a court ordered child visitation schedule
  • A parent refuses to allow access to child in violation of an order or agreement
  • Parental alienation by one of the parents

In all of these situations it is crucial that you have an experienced Brooklyn family law attorney representing you. You should be confident that your family law lawyer knows how to fight hard to enforce your rights. When the safety of your child is at stake, you must work with an experienced child custody lawyer.

Brooklyn Child Support Attorney Robert Gershon

Child Support Issues

Financial concerns are common in family law cases. One party to the divorce may want to maximize the amount of support received, while the other wants to ensure that child support is fair and reasonable. Divorce is fraught with anxiety, much of which arises from concern about how you will support your family with increased expenses from living apart.

Child support is money paid by one parent to the other for the care of a child or children. The payments are designated for things such as clothing, school supplies, room and board and other things the child might need for his or her emotional and physical well-being. New York has a very specific formulas and rules for calculating child support.

Having a seasoned Brooklyn attorney representing you during child support proceedings can help ensure that you are treated fairly.

Spousal Support

Maintenance or spousal support is money for your former or soon-to-be former spouse. Often called alimony or spousal maintenance, these payments are designed to ensure that he or she can continue living in a manner consistent with life during the marriage.

Usually, spousal support is paid by the one with a higher income than the other, however it is discretionary, not mandatory. It rests on a variety of considerations including income, potential income, age, health, property, and a range of other factors.

Because Brooklyn judges have wide discretion in awarding alimony payments, you must be sure that evidence presented is accurate. Family law cases in Brooklyn can be very challenging when it comes to spousal support. This is where we often find:

  • A spouse submitting false tax returns
  • A spouse failing to disclose a source of income
  • A spouse refusing to provide proof of all income
  • A spouse “taking losses” to reduce income

You need an attorney who knows how to analyze records and present evidence to ensure that the spousal support is what you seek. At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law, our Brooklyn family law attorney know how to mount a vigorous case for spousal maintenance.

Order of Protection Brooklyn NY Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon

Orders of Protection

Domestic violence is a real issue, and if you are facing it, you are not alone. There is no shame. Others have been falsely accused of domestic violence as leverage for a settlement or to punish the other spouse.

Brooklyn family law attorney Robert Gershon will not cast judgment. When you are contemplating or in the middle of a divorce, domestic violence can make a difficult situation seem unbearable.

Orders of protection exist to help fearful spouses who are trying to exit a relationship. If your spouse has been abusive or threatening, you can apply for an order of protection. If you are falsely accused, we can help defend that claim against you.

There are emergency orders of protection, temporary orders of protection and permanent orders of protection. All of them serve the purpose of keeping you and your family safe during a divorce or other situation.

Nothing is more important than your safety. You need a lawyer who understands issues surrounding domestic violence. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or have been the target of domestic violence, we can help.

Speak with Robert Gershon to understand your rights and let us work towards a favorable outcome for you.

Why Choose Brooklyn Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon

You need a Brooklyn family law lawyer that is compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable. Family law issues are a tremendous emotional strain, and having a seasoned family law attorney on your side can have a tremendous impact on your outcome.

At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law we put our years of experience and wealth of knowledge to work for those who need our help navigating the complexities of New York Family Law.

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Brooklyn NY Family Law Attorney Robert Gershon

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