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Brooklyn Matrimonial Lawyer Robert Gershon Negotiates Separation Agreements

Separation agreements are a strong option for those who are going through marital issues who are not yet ready to seek divorce. Brooklyn matrimonial attorney Robert Gershon explains “when your marriage is in trouble, you may immediately think that divorce is the only option. However, entering into a separation agreement is an alternative in Brooklyn.” When couples are uncertain about the future of their relationship, a separation agreement may be a solution that works for them.

Robert Gershon Brooklyn Matrimonial Attorney - NY Long Term Separation Agreement Lawyer

Use a Separation Agreement to Properly Handle a Trial or Long-Term Separation in Your Marriage

If you are considering getting a trial separation, it is important that you have an experienced attorney, such as Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer Robert S. Gershon, Esq. Separation agreements involve many of the same issues that arise in divorce cases. Your separation agreement should address issues such as division of property, spousal support, custody, child support and visitation rights. Robert S. Gershon is an experienced, savvy, skilled negotiator who can help you obtain a solid, detailed legal separation that is fair, equitable and enforceable.

NY Separation and Divorce - Robert Gershon Brooklyn Matrimonial Attorney

How is a Legal Separation in New York Different than a Divorce?

Some clients ask about the difference between a legal separation and divorce. A legal separation, also known as a trial separation, is the result of negotiations between spouses who decide that they can no longer live together. Separation agreements in New York may also, on occasion, be the subject of litigation. You need representation by an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer to properly represent your interests.

Some couples separate with the intention of trying to reconcile. Others seek a separation agreement as a step towards an uncontested legal divorce. In that situation, at the end of the separation period, a judge may issue a divorce.

What Issues Do New York Separation Agreements Address?

Separation agreements address many of the same issues that exist in divorce matters. First and foremost, the parties agree to live separate and apart for the period of the agreement. Your agreement will also likely include custody arrangements and visitation schedules. Negotiating your separation agreement can also involve modifying bank account or investment account access, division of debts, and changing beneficiaries to wills or insurance policies.

A separation agreement in Brooklyn is a binding contract. There is a great deal of exposure in a separation agreement, and you need an experienced NY matrimonial lawyer with strong negotiating skills working on your behalf. At Robert S. Gershon, P.C., Attorney at Law, Mr. Gershon, knows how to protect your property and legal rights and can do so with compassion and tenacity.

Robert Gershon - Brooklyn Separation Agreement Attorney - NY Matrimonial Lawyer

Why Choose a Legal Separation Agreement?

There are a variety of reasons parties may choose to enter into a separation agreement. If any of the following concern you, consider if a legal separation agreement may be right for you:

  • You and your spouse are experiencing conflict in your marriage but you are not sure at this time that divorce is the answer.
  • You and your spouse need some time apart to “figure things out.”
  • You or your spouse receive certain benefits because you are married and a divorce would put an end to them-living apart but staying married makes sense.
  • Obtaining a divorce is not an option because of your religious beliefs.
  • You want to live apart and during this time want a way to legally enforce any support payments, custody arrangements, and visitation schedule upon which you and your spouse agree.

Divorce Proceedings in Brooklyn with a Separation Agreement

Once the separation period exceeds one year, the parties can convert their trial separation into a final divorce. The spouse seeking the divorce must prove that he or she complied with the terms of the separation agreement. Assuming no serious hardship exists, the court may incorporate the terms of that agreement into the final divorce order.

Because the separation agreement can impact of a final divorce, it is critically important that you be represented by an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer.

Contact Our Brooklyn Matrimonial Lawyer Rob Gershon to Discuss Your Legal Separation

A trial separation can be beneficial in a variety of ways. For some, it can be a good alternative to going straight to divorce. If you want to live separately from your spouse, you can do so with separate bank accounts, individual residences, and terms of visitation and custody, all while deciding if divorce is what you ultimately want. You can preserve certain benefits and still have your freedom. If divorce is the goal, having a legal separation agreement in place can expedite and ease he divorce process.

Speak to Rob Gershon, an experienced Brooklyn separation lawyer, if you are considering a trial separation. Negotiation is the key to securing a fair agreement that protects your rights and can be enforced in the event of non-compliance.

Don’t try to handle your separation on your own. There is too much at stake. Call Robert S. Gershon, Brooklyn matrimonial lawyer at (718) 625-3977 or email

Brooklyn Separation Agreement Attorney - NY Matrimonial Lawyer Robert Gershon

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